Issue 12 - July 2012

" Issue 12 " of magazine features three great photographers that are interviewed and present their portfolio inside our pages: german photographer Carmen Spitznagel, who also owns the cover of this issue, and the Romanian photographers: Silviu Gheție and Matei Hablinschi. A very nice travel photography article, taking us on a trip to Persia, by Cristina Nichitus Roncea and some really good advice on aviation photography can also be found inside the magazine.

Published in Romanian on 02.07.2012 • 158 pages • 64MB

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Issue 12 - July 2012
Issue 12 - July 2012
Scoala de fotografie
Photosharp Clubul Foto
Issue 12 - July 2012
Issue 12 - July 2012

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Issue 12 - July 2012
Issue 12 - July 2012
Issue 12 - July 2012
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This issue is only in Romanian?

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